2016 Workshops

2016 Conservation Workshop Series

The La Plata Conservation District and The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado partnered in 2016 to provide education about soil & water conservation and sustainable agriculture.

The goal was to inspire youth and adults to become stewards of our natural resources by exposing them to sustainable agriculture and soil and water conservation, thereby building our local agricultural capacity in the long run. Together we can improve the climate resiliency and food security of our community.

Resources from the Workshops

Black Gold: Home Vermicomposting

Black Gold: Home Vermicomposting Workshop Handout by Greg Hopkins
Workshop Blog Post: www.thegardenprojectswcolorado.org/vermicomposting_ws_2016
Book – Worms Eat My Garbage
Elaine Ingham – Soil Food Web
CSU Extension – Worm Composting (includes link to a youtube how-to video)
Worms ability to digest poisonous material
Earthworms are Nature’s Free Fertilizer

Canning 101

Workshop Handout
The Blog Post
Food in Jars website
Yes we can CAN! Blog Post – 2014
Rachel Turiel’s blog 6512andgrowing has lots of great Recipes
Photos on Facebook

Your Health and Microbiomes

Workshop Blog Post
Workshop Handout “Growing Healthy Bugs and Bodies” – by Hana Renee
Dr. Jason Hawrelak – pre-biotic & pro-biotic specialist www.probioticadvisor.com
Summer Boch – fermentation specialist & educator www.summerbock.com
Andrea Nakayama – functional nutritionist & my mentor
Some of My Best Friends Are Germs – NYTimes – Michael Pollan
Microbes can play games with the mind – Science News – Laura Sanders
How Dirt Heals Us – Yes! Magazine
Human Microbiome Project
Fermentation Basics Info and Kimchi Recipe
Book: “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ” by Giulia Enders
Book: “Rewilding Ourselves”
Support: Health & Nutritional Coaching – Bio-individuality is real. If you are struggling to figure out what your body needs to be healthy Hana offers a free 30-minute strategy session. Schedule one by emailing hana@hanarenee.com

Thistle Care

Growing Healthy Bugs and Bodies
Thistle Care Workshop Bee Happy Handout

Seed Saving Basics

Blog post
Photos on Facebook
Resources for seed saving:

  • howtosaveseeds.com (Complete, free, seed-savinginstructions)
  • Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth
  • The SeedGarden by Seed Savers Exchange
  • Permaculture Manual of the Southwest
  • Open Sesame – The Story of Seeds (film)

Seed libraries in our Region:

Soil Health

Soil Health Presentation by Travis Custer
Soil Food Web Handout
Soil Carbon & Microbes Handout

Landowners Resource Panel

American AgCredit
2015 Summer Publication
USDA Farm Loan Information Chart
2014 Farm Bill – Financial Assistance Programs – NRCS

Weed ID and Control Resources

Colorado Weed Managment Association
Noxious Weeds of Colorado Booklet
CSU Extension Weed Resources
Noxious Weed Management Pocket Guide – CSU Extension
Book: “Weeds of the West”
USDA NRCS Introduced, Invasive and Noxious Plants / Weeds of West
Colorado Department of Agriculture – Biological Control of Weeds
Palisade Insectary – Biological Control of Weeds Brochure
Biological Control of Diffuse and Spotted Knapweed Brochure
Biological Control of Field Bindweed Brochure

Dryland Farming and Cover Crops

CSU Extension – SW CO Research Station at Yellow Jacket – Research Summary and Progress

Irrigation Management

NRCS – Irrigation Guide – (See Chapter 3 pg 4-9)
Parschall Flume Flow Table – Wright Water Engineers
Irrigation Management Presentation